Low Cost Residential Electricity

Affordable electricity for your home.

There’s no getting around it. Our lives are so intertwined with electricity. We use it to cool, heat and light our homes, cook our meals, charge our devices and power our entertainment. Affordable, reliable power is critical to maintaining our modern lifestyles.

As a residential customer of Mega Energy, you will enjoy valuable benefits including:

Low cost residential electricity

We use our power buying experience and expertise to secure competitive energy for the energy you need in your home. Buying smart and keeping our overhead low allows us to keep your electric bills affordable.

Peace of mind

Mega Energy offers a variety of fixed-rate plans that allow you to lock in a great rate for the entire length of your plan so you know what you will pay for your energy: even when rates climb higher.

Outstanding customer service

Almost everyone tells you they have the best customer service, but most companies fall very short of that claim. While most questions about billing and outages must be answered by your utility, we are happy to help you with the following areas:

  • Questions about your service start date
  • Questions about the dates for your meter reads
  • Questions about the energy rate you are paying

We commit ourselves to doing what it takes to answer your questions, address your concerns and resolve your issues in a pleasant, knowledgeable, professional manner.


Electricity is too important in our lives. You shouldn’t have to worry about energy  reliability. When you buy electricity for your home from Mega Energy you get the exact same power as you do from the really big guys.

  • Switching is easy
  • Your power never goes off during a switch
  • You never lose your priority status for reconnection after a power outage
  • Nothing changes when you switch…except the price

Mega Energy has been a dependable source of electricity since 2007, and you can trust us to still be here whenever you need affordable energy rates.

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